Monday, March 21, 2011

What Is Phlebitis And What Does It Look Like


Today I saw this film . I knew nothing.
I had not the slightest idea what they were talking about, q uindi are left with the greatest impartiality and curiosity possible.
When I realized that there was talk of science fiction I had a jolt of pleasure.
I love science fiction.
The film begins with a moral choice: a normal American family is seen delivering at home a parcel containing a box with a red KEYS.
are then informed that that button is connected to a person's life, and that pressing the kill.
killing her, however, will earn $ 1 million in cash.
(do not tell you what to choose)
So far so good.

But then the plot goes off on a tangent completely forgetting the concept of free will, moral choice and the rest.
Many scenes that promise something, and then some spiegoni along the film to restore a sense of it all.
attacks with a series of unrelated actions, or at least written by dogs and mounted worse.
gives you the feeling of a simple plot, complicated purpose to make it "more interesting". failed miserably.
As I saw it I wondered if it was not inspired by any good book.
Yes the credits, I am informed that the film is based on Richard Matheson's story : "Button, Button."
I've ever read, but certainly not a club head, and it's great.
Just to understand Matheson is the man who wrote I Am Legend .
And sorry if it is little.
was directed by Richard Kelly , famous for this .
Then all became clear to me. He has come all too well.
and require a pardon.


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